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To say that McQueen’s Widows is a typical heist movie wouldbe an insult. He took the original concept of Lynda La Plante’s show and madeit parallel to 2018 America.

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“After learning from my grandmother, watching Project Runway, sketching designs like crazy, getting my first sewing machine from my grandmother on my mother’s side and starting to work with different studios in high school and college, I knew that this was my path.” Read Full Q&A Article


“We all have our demons. We all face a world that would rather push us down than elevate. I try to express that journey and that inner strength of people with fabric. I truly believe in the diversity of beauty.” Read Full Q&A Article

Venom from IMDB 5

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To be frank: Venom is one of the greatest foes Spider-Man has ever faced. After watching this 100-minute-ish film, it does no justice to this notorious comic book villain. This movie has so much comedy in its tone that it completely obliterates the dark side of Venom that fans know and love. Read Full Review


To be taken seriously as a professional violinist, you need dedication, hutzpah and most importantly…a fondness for the violin. Harumi Rhodes, a native from Englewood, New Jersey, has all of these traits and more. Anne Midgette called Rhodes “an expressive violinist” in a 2005 New York Times article and Rhodes hasn’t lost a beat yet. Read Full Article

Julie Vanlaanen 2 Book Release

Whether it was a stroke of luck or simply coincidence, Erickson and the center encountered Bell while browsing the stacks at Denver Public Library’s Colorado Book Festival earlier this year. Bell jumped at the chance to present Colorado history since she has previously spoken at several libraries, senior centers and private organizations. Read Full Article

Night School from IMDB 2

Malcolm D. Lee, the director behind “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins,” “Soul Men,” “The Best Man” and more, knows how to incorporate the funny and seriousness into his films. “Night School” not only makes you laugh, but gives you inspiration. Read Full Review

Honor Killing 1

“None of these issues–misogyny, inequality, violence and aggression toward women–are new in our culture or globally. The #MeToo Movement may have found its apex in 2018 in the United States, but its momentum is built off many years of mistreatment and abuse,” Bierstock says. Read Full Article

Peppermint from IMDB 1

Maybe Riley doesn’t have OCD, but she’s a woman who isn’t afraid to break her nails or get her hair messed serving up justice and a can of whoop-ass. Read Full Review