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By Khaleel Herbert

In the final chapter of E. L. James’ orgy trilogy, Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) wed and flee on a private jet to France and the Caribbean for a romantic honeymoon.

Upon their return to Seattle, Ana adjusts to her new title: Mrs. Grey. She is no longer Christian’s girlfriend. She’s his equal, sort of. Christian still remains protective of her by ordering bodyguards to follow her everywhere including her job at a publishing company. He doesn’t even let her go to the bar with her friends. She has to sneak away to do that, like he’s her father.

But with Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), her old boss from the publishing company who tried to rape her on the loose, stalking her and secretly sabotaging Grey Enterprises, who could blame Christian?

Christian adjusts to the married life, but has a hard time swallowing the idea of becoming a father one day. In “Fifty Shades Darker,” he extinguished the ghosts of his druggie mother and living as a foster child, or so we thought.

“Fifty Shades Freed” is no different to its predecessors. It runs its plot, then diverges into scenes of sexual ecstasy. Beyond these scenes, the plot and complex personalities of these characters are visible and strong, similar to the “Twilight” films: mainly the first one and “Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

Like Edward Cullen, Christian Grey has experienced great pain in his life. Although he wasn’t turned into a vampire, he became a soulless man whose only purpose in life was to make money, sexually please women and live in his mother’s shadow. Over time, this lifestyle has drained him. Then Ana came along and changed his world completely. This woman is not like the other women he’s been with because she wants to understand him and be a part of his world.

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This love for Ana pushes Christian to grow into a caring loving man. He doesn’t want any harm to come to her and he doesn’t want anyone else to have her either. Like Bella and Edward, they complete each other. Also, Christian sits behind a grand piano (sound familiar?) and plays original love songs for Ana.

“Fifty Shades Freed” gives the franchise an epic sendoff. Fans of the franchise (and even “Twilight” fans) will have a ball seeing Ana and Christian on the big screen for the last time.

Studio: Universal (1 hr. 45 mins)

Cast: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson, Rita Ora, Eloise Mumford, Luke Grimes, Victor Rasuk

Director: James Foley

Story: Anastasia and Christian wed and adjust to the husband-and-wife lifestyle.

Rating: R

Final Score: B+

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